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Atwood Institute for Race, Education and the Democratic Ideal

The Atwood Institute for Race, Education, and the Democratic Ideal’s work is a tripartite mission to honor diverse experiences, dismantle negative stereotypes, and train emergent leaders—each is focused first on our campus, then onward toward our environs, and then upward across the historically black college and university and higher educational landscapes.

At the Atwood Institute for Race, Education, and the Democratic Ideal at Kentucky State University, we strive to:

||| Honor the experiences of each of our constituents, providing safe and inclusive environments for detection, dialogue, and discovery of diversity

|||  Dismantle the stereotypes and myths with regard to race, ethnicity, class, gender, culture, immigrants, and sexual orientation

|||  Train and educate emerging leaders in the necessity of effective anti-racism and educational equity work

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Frankfort Anti-Racism Advocates

Frankfort Anti-Racism Advocates (FARA)  is a group that meets regularly to learn about race together through book and film discussions.  Most of us feel somewhat uncomfortable talking about the topic of race. FARA believes that it is important to engage in conversation, despite this discomfort. Racism has historically been and continues to be a pervasive and persistent force in our society. It influences the country at the top levels of government down to our local communities, and is destructive even in its more subtle forms. Before we can end our country’s legacy of racism, we have to be open to learning and talking about it.  All are welcome to join.

Together Frankfort

Together Frankfort is a non-partisan, volunteer group of Kentuckians who seek to exercise and protect the principles embodied in our nation’s Constitution by being engaged and responsible participants in democracy.  We advocate for integrity and transparency in government and political actions, and fair and equal application of the law and civil rights for all people. We support economic and social policies that ensure continuing opportunity for individuals and families. 

We are committed to our country and to the welfare of our fellow citizens regardless of political affiliation, and to solutions that cross partisan divides. Membership is open to all .

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